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What's For Dinner?
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The Adaptability Of Life – Ocean Depths

How much do you know about sea vents and the geothermal energy that sustains life in the deepest parts of the ocean?

Sea Vent Viewer

Deep Ocean Life

Many strange creatures live deep below the ocean's surface.

The Tides

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Play Multiples Buzz

Play A Word Game – Parallel Sentences

Player One starts by making up a simple sentence.  “Tie your shoes tightly.”

Player Two creates a new sentence that uses the initial letters of the words that make up the sentence from player one.  “Try yams some time.”

Player Three, “Tell youngsters stories tonight.”

Continue playing until one player cannot create a new sentence using the same letters.  Start with a new sentence.

Competitive players may wish to keep score.  Play it like golf with the lowest score being the winner.  Players are assigned a point for each duplicate sentence other players can create.  Choosing harder words from less common letters would yield a lower score.

Tie Your Shoes

This game makes you think about the letter sounds that begin words.

Play Deliberate Gossip

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