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Play A Word Game – Deliberate Gossip

I remember playing a game in kindergarten that the teacher called gossip.  All the children sat in a circle and the teacher whispered a short sentence into the ear of one child.  That child then whispered the same sentence into the ear of the next child.  The whispered message continued around the circle until it came back to the teacher. 

The original sentence was announced along with the end version.  We were all shocked at how much the sentence had changed!

Now play the game deliberately.  Instead of whispering say the sentence aloud so everyone can here.  The next player is then challenged to alter the sentence just a teeny bit.  How much will your sentence change?

  • I saw a dog drink from a sprinkler.
  • Joshua's dog drinks from the sprinkler.
  • Joshua's doctor found an ink pen.
  • Awful how Doctor Fountain panicked.


Did I hear that right?

No, You Mean...

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