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Tallest vs. Smallest – Trees Around The World

Can you imagine a living thing that measures almost 380 feet tall?  Or instead, picture 72 grown men standing on top of each other's shoulders.  In recent years giant redwood has been found that breaks the previous record of the tallest living thing.  I'll bet that is even higher than the beanstalk Jack climbed to find the goose that laid the golden eggs!

Hyperion, the tree

Now imagine a tree that is small enough to live on top your dresser.  Can these two trees really be in the same family of living things?

Bonsai Tree info and history

Name some other related things that can be very, very large or very, very small.

smallest tree

This tree is very small.

Identify trees using a dichotomous key

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Pets – Love 'em Hate 'em

We really love our two cats, Wylie and Charm. 

Wylie is a beautiful tortoiseshell with stripes and patches of orange, black and white.  She is very affectionate and really warms a lap on a chilly day.  However, she is the queen of hairballs and much too often leaves little messy surprises for us to clean up.  Eeew!

Charm is a little black and white bundle of energy.  She loves a physical challenge and it is not unusual to find her contorted in such a way that has her tail higher than her head.  She also leaves us surprises -- critters that she has hunted down.  Poor little things!

Name some other aspects of a pet's personality that can be either adorable or despicable.

we love our pets

We may be cute, but our litter box isn't sweet.

How do you name your pets?

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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