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Vocabulary Stretcher – Wet Blanket

You know what a wet blanket is, something that effectively puts out a fire.  Someone who is being a wet blanket is putting out the fire of enthusiasm in a particular situation.  Can you think of other words, phrases or idioms that mean the same as taking the fun or hope out of a situation?

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Visual Arts – Composition

When you look at a work of art, have you ever thought about how the images or shapes interact with each other?  That is called the composition of the piece.  Through composition an artist can send many messages to the viewer.  Of course, the interpretations of each person viewing a particular piece may be completely different.

Composition (visual arts) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Do you have a picture, photograph, sculpture, tapestry, or other work of art close at hand?  How do you interpret the artists use of composition for this piece?

You might be interested in considering composition in these examples.

MoMA.org | The Collection | Sigmar Polke

MoMA.org | The Collection | Lyubov Popova

Work of art

The artist used composition to draw our attention to the elements of the painting.

Tesselations are works of art that make use of both positive and negative space

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