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Jumping to Conclusions – Never Assume

Have you ever jumped to a conclusion only to find that you were wrong?

Justin came home from school one day and saw his grandparent's car parked in the driveway. Planning to sneak up on his grandpa and scare him, Justin opened and closed the door quietly and followed the sound of voices toward the kitchen. As he entered the doorway, he heard his father say, "No he wouldn't like that at all."

Just then his mother looked up and say him. All four adults looked at him and the room became very quiet. Justin turned and ran out of the room.

They were talking about me!, he thought. Am I going to be punished? His mind raced over the crimes of his most recent past. Which chores did I miss? What subjects should I study harder? What are they planning that I won't like?

The suspense was finally broken on Saturday morning when his grandparents arrived with a mysterious package.

"What is this?" Justin asked as he tore the wrapping from the package.

"You don't know?" His grandfather asked in surprise. "I thought you heard us talking the other day."

"A baseball uniform! The Jets! That's Dwight and Aaron's team! Cool!" Justin looked at his father in confusion. "But I heard you say I wouldn't like it. I love it!"

"Oh, you must not have heard the first part of the conversation. Grandma was telling us that she worked with the coach for the Lions and she could probably get you on that team. They were league champs last year. But I told her you would much rather play on the same team as your friends."

Try jumping rope instead - jump rope games

Have you ever jumped to a conclusion?

Try jumping rope instead - jump rope games

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Share Your Knowledge – World Weather

In some countries it is winter and cold.  Other nations are experiencing hot, summer weather.  There are places in the world that are never hot and some that are never cold.

Name some places that fit all of those categories.  What makes the difference?

What is the perfect weather in your opinion?

What causes different weather?

What is the perfect weather in your opinion?

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