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What's For Dinner?
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Play A Word Game – Name Five

Put your heads together and see if you can name five items for each of the following categories:

  • Name five Great Lakes
  • Name five planets
  • Name five Mother Goose rhymes that begin with the word "Little"
  • Name five musical instruments that begin with the letter "T"
  • Name five proverbs about time
  • Name five animals that live in Australia
  • Name five symbols of good luck
  • Name five things that are considered unlucky to do

Make up your own categories.


Name 5 musical instruments that start with the letter T.

Spelling and Vocabulary Games

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Play A Game – Word Chain

Player one states a word. The next player must name another word that relates to the previous word. Each new word needs only to relate to the last word named, but does not need to relate to the previously named words.

(Example: Glass - Drink - Juice - Apple - Red - Blue etc.).

Skill Level Variations: More advanced players can be required to follow a category pattern for named words. One category pattern could be: noun - verb - noun -verb - etc.

(Example: Glass - Drink - Water - Wash - Laundry - etc.)

OR: noun - verb - adjective - noun - verb - adjective - etc.

(Example: Glass - Drink - Thirsty - Towel - Wipe - Clean

orange juice

Glass - Drink - Juice

Play a science word chain

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