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Play A Word Game – Adjectives

Player One creates a sentence that uses an adjective.  Player Two repeats the first sentence replacing the adjective with another appropriate describing word. 

Player Two then creates a new sentence that passes to Player Three.

Player Three replaces the adjective in Player Two's sentence and creates a new sentence.


Player One:  I saw a tiny dog jump over a fence.

Player Two:  I saw a faster dog jump over a fence.  My brown eyes are crying.

Player Three:  My stinging eyes are crying.  The first boy grabbed the ball.

You can find information about adjectives here:

410 Grammar: Adjective Order

Tiny Dog Jumping

I saw a tiny dog jump.

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I Spy – Length, Width And Height

Play an I spy game that uses length, width and height relationships.  For example a person who was thinking of the refrigerator as an I spy item might say, "I spy with my little eye, something that is tall and has a width and length that are about the same."

Not every item will include all three attributes.  A cupboard door could be described this way, "I spy with my little eye something that is twice as high as it is wide."

Note:  the property described in this game as length, could also be called depth by some people.


I'm thinking of something tall but just a little bit wider than it is deep.

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