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Play A Game – Alliteration Alphabet

Player One creates a noun-verb-adverb sentence in which all the words start with the letter A.

  • Archers aimed accurately.

Player Two creates a noun-verb-adverb sentence in which all the words start with the letter B.

  • Baby bounced between.

Then C, D, E….so on.

You can find more information on adverbs here:

Adverbs: Little Explorers’ Picture Dictionary


Archers aimed accurately

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Stumbling Blocks – Problem or Predicament?

We all must face times when our lives are disrupted in some way. Does this mean that your are having a problem, or have you found yourself in a predicament? What is the difference?

A problem is something that can be solved. Perhaps you are teased by a bully on the playground. Choosing an activity that keeps you close to the playground monitor should discourage any teasing and your problem would be solved.

A predicament, however, is a situation that cannot be easily fixed. What if, for example, each afternoon when you walk home from school, the bully sneaks ahead of you in order to hide, jump out and scare you. There is no way to predict where the attack will be or if it will come every day. You can't control this situation so you must develop strategies that will make it easier to handle.

How would you handle the predicament described above? Can you name some other situations that would be predicaments and not problems?

Do you have wildlife stories to tell?

Is this a predicament or a problem?

Do you have wildlife stories to tell?

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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