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Fun With Words – Portmanteaux

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant and been handed a plastic spork for your food.  You know, concave like a spoon, but with small tines on the end like a fork?  The word spork is an example of a portmanteau.  You might be using your spork to eat brunch (breakfast, lunch) at your motel (motor, hotel).

We have an emu farm outside our town where the emus live in domed igloo-type buildings.  I call those emu houses emugloos.  I've also seen dogloos.

Think of some more words that are formed by combining two other words.

What are Portmanteau Words?


Sporks are great for some meals.

Fast and Furious Meatless Chili

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Concepts Of Science – Density

How would you describe density?  Name some things that have a high level of density.  What types of things are not very dense?


A Night Sky

The moon is dense enough to pull the tides.

Understanding ocean tides

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Alex's Mystery Picture?

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