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Play A Game – Synonyms

Player one starts by saying any word that comes to mind.  The remaining players must name a synonym for the first word. 

To adapt this game to differing skill levels you may allow younger players to blur the lines regarding parts of speech.  For example, if the original word was sweet a less advanced player could say the word sugar and still be correct, but a more advanced player must say sugary!  (Sweet and sugary are both adjectives while sugar is a noun.)

Want to keep score?  Give each person who correctly names a synonym a point.  Also, give the person who named the original word a point for each correctly named synonym given by the other players.  This gives an advantage to players who can name words that have many, many different synonyms.

Sugar and Sweet

Sugar and Sweet

Vocabulary Building

Punishers And Reinforcers – Understanding Behavior

Unwelcome behavior can sometimes be unconsciously reinforced instead of punished.  Think of some examples of how we may reinforce negative behavior.

One that comes to my mind is crying when being teased.  The person doing the teasing is interested in having more power than another person.  The tears of his or her victim are like the trophy of triumph.

Have you ever seen an exasperated parent give in to the demands of a loud, unruly child?  That parent is guaranteeing that the next time there is a disagreement in public, screaming will take place.

Can you think of other examples of how bad behavior can be unconsciously reinforced?  Can you think of ways that bad behavior can be punished and more acceptable behavior be reinforced?

Parents, don’t hesitate to allow your child to discuss his or her own bad behavior.  Surprisingly, the best solutions for changing negative behaviors often come from the children themselves.

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