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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Properties Of Materials – Creating Products

Steel is very hard.  Automobile manufacturers use steel.

How an Automobile is Made

Cotton is soft and absorbent.  Clothing is often made from cotton.

How Blue Jeans are Made

Name other materials and the properties that make them suitable for different products.

Manufacturing Basics

Learn more with games and activities.

Properties of Materials - Science Games and Activities for Kids

Uses of Aluminum

Aluminum is perfect for wrapping food.

Uses of Aluminum

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The Working Memory

Share Your Knowledge – Destructive Insects

Some bugs bug us just because they are bugs.  Other insects, however, can be very destructive.  The boll weevil has cost the cotton industry countless dollars in damage over the years.

Name other insects that destroy more than just peace.

Harmful Insects

Top 10 Deadliest Insects In The World

Have a bug scavenger hunt

Is a grasshopper harmless or destructive?

Have a bug scavenger hunt

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