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Play A Word Game – Adverbs

Player One creates a sentence that uses an adverb.  Player Two repeats the first sentence replacing the adverb with another appropriate describing word.

Player Two then creates a new sentence that passes to Player Three.

Player Three replaces the adverb in Player Two's sentence and creates a new sentence.


Player One:  I saw a dog jump excitedly over a fence.

Player Two:  I saw a dog jump lazily over a fence.  The clerk bagged the groceries listlessly.

Player Three:  The clerk bagged the groceries cheerfully.  The pig ate greedily.

You can find information about adverbs here:

410 Grammar - Adverbs

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Share Your Knowledge – Energy

Energy comes in many forms.  We start with the energy of the sun.  What other forms of energy can you name?  How do we gather that energy and how is it used?

Energy Sources | Department of Energy

EIA Energy - Energy Kids: Energy Information Administration


Sunlight gives us life on earth.

Power from the sun

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