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What's For Dinner?
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Plant Parts – Do You Really Eat Stems and Roots?

Plant Parts – Do You Really Eat Stems and Roots?

Stem – Celery
Root – Carrot
Flower – Broccoli
Leaf – Cabbage
Seed – Bean
Fruit – Tomato

Name some more.

Plant Parts We Eat

Eat A Carrot

Plant parts, such as a carrot root, are part of a healthy diet.

Share Your Knowledge of Seeds

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What Was? – The Most Important Lesson You Learned

I was four or five years old and the carnival was in town. We only had enough money for each of us children to ride just one ride. My brothers and sisters made their choices and enjoyed their rides.

Dad asked me which ride I wanted to ride several times while the others were experiencing their chills and thrills. My sister had picked the merry-go-round. I was thinking that I would choose the merry-go-round, too.

But when my dad asked me again which ride I wanted, I again said, "I don't know. I can't decide."

My dad said, "If you can't decide in one more minute, we are all leaving."

Guess what? He meant what he said. We left the carnival and I did not ride on any of the rides. Now I am one of the most decisive people on the planet. I can make up my mind in a matter of seconds!

What is the important lesson you've learned?


I didn't make up my mind soon enough and the carousel left without me!

Decision Making

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