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Unreasonable Requests – Just Say Yes

Take turns asking another person to perform an extra large task.

  • My scout group is having a bake sale tomorrow morning and I promised we would supply 5 dozen decorated cupcakes.

The person asked to perform the task, agrees...but makes a list of requirements he or she would need to accomplish the goal.

Sure, we can make 5 dozen decorated cupcakes, but in order to do that, I need:

  • Take out for dinner.
  • Someone to shop for cake mixes and frostings.
  • Another person to go to the dollar store to purchase inexpensive decorations for the cupcakes.
  • Two neighbors to agree to let us use their ovens (and their cupcake pans).
  • My favorite music playing in the kitchen while I work (no distracting television shows).
  • Two helpers to clean up.
  • An undisturbed hour in the tub afterwards.

Try another request.

  • The garage must be cleaned and organized before the end of the day on Saturday.

What requirements might be necessary to accomplish this huge task?

Cupcakes and Candles

I can do it if everyone pitches in and helps.

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Pictures – Snapping Or Posing

When it comes to photos, are you more comfortable being the person behind the camera or in front?

If you are having your photo taken, which do you prefer, staged poses or action shots?

What makes a good photo?

andyslens.com » What Makes A Good Photo?

Take My Own Picture

I like being both by taking my own picture.

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Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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