What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Mental Math – Making Change

Take turns making up money problems for each other to solve.

Here is an example to get you started:

I put $5.00 of gas in my car and buy a fruit juice for $1.09.  I give the clerk a twenty-dollar bill.  How much change should I get back?

Answer:  The total of my purchases was $6.09.  I should get $13.91 back, so you would need to tell me that I get 1 ten-dollar bill, 3 one-dollar bills, 3 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 1 penny. Make the questions as easy or as hard as necessary to make it fun and challenging for everyone!

make change

Did I get the right amount of change?

Online games that sharpen money skills

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Play A Game – Noun - Verb - Adverb Chain

Player One starts by naming a noun:

  • Boys

Player Two names a verb:

  • Run

Player Three adds an adverb to modify the verb:

  • Wildly

Player Four starts with a new noun.

  • Children
  • Eat

What adverb would you use to describe how the children eat?


Children eat slurpily when they are eating noodles!

Play Adverb Alphabet

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