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Media – Recognizing Advertising Propaganda

Think of some recent advertisements you have seen. What methods of persuasion were used to entice you to purchase the advertised product?

  • Bandwagon -- You need this because everyone else has one or is doing "it".
  • Glittering generalities -- Using positive labels, such as glamorous, exciting, patriotic, but offering no facts to support the claims.
  • Just folks -- The people who use of this product are just like you.
  • Testimonial -- A famous person appears in the advertisement to endorse the product.
  • Snob appeal -- Rich, smart, and important people own this product or engage in this activity.
  • Transference -- Someone you respect is associated with a product or idea.
  • Card stacking -- Leaving out important information or including it in small print.
  • Name-calling -- Using stereotypes.

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The Bandwagon approach convinces us because everyone else loves it so.

Advertising Slogan Quizzes

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Dreams – What Could They Mean?

Not too long ago, I was experiencing an episode of greater than usual stress.  I had so many things I needed to do that it seemed I might not get everything done!  (Some of us live in this state almost all the time.)

One night I had the most interesting dream.  I dreamt that I was near the ocean during a tsunami.  I saw the big wave coming toward me and I did the only thing I could think of doing.  I laid down in the road and let the wave take me with it.  As the water began to recede, I was swept close to a fence and was able to grab onto the fence and wrap my arms and legs tightly around it.  There I clung as the waves came and went several times.

Finally the waters calmed and I was able to walk up the road into a nearby town.  There I entered a café, soaking wet and filled to the brim with my recent experience.

Inside the café I excitedly began telling people about my survival.  Oddly enough, the people in the restaurant displayed no interest whatsoever in what I had to relate.

After I woke from the dream, I puzzled for a while over the possible meanings of such an unusual (for me) dream.  Finally I decided that my subconscious was telling me that life is tough, hang on and you will get through, and sometimes we have to face our problems on our own!

What do you think?  Have you ever had a dream that you felt was sending a message to your conscious self?

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Start your day with positive thoughts

Can you remember your dreams?

Start your day with positive thoughts

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