What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Vocabulary Stretcher – Amazing

Remember when everything that was great or surprising was "totally awesome"?  Keep from getting stuck relying on over-used phrases to express your ideas. 

How many different ways can you describe something as amazing?

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Accept or Change - No Complaining!

Starting Your Day – First Thoughts

What was on your mind when you first woke up this morning?  Can you remember?  Perhaps you were trying to hold on to the dream you were having.  I hope you weren't thinking about worries and problems.

Many people find that focusing on gratitude for the gift of a new day sets a positive tone that lasts throughout the day.  What ideas can you share in preparation for taking time tomorrow morning to appreciate a new day and all the opportunities that it holds?

Eating for Slumber: Food to Help You Sleep Better

I was having the greatest dream.

Eating for Slumber: Food to Help You Sleep Better

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