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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Topology – Forces Of Nature

Mountains rise above valleys and oceans lap against sandy shores. 

Wind, water and ice erode the earth and change the shape of the land. Volcanic activity and earthquakes also change the landscape.

Share what you know about how the forces of nature shape the land around us.

The Forces that Change the Face of Earth

raging river

Moving water has the power to shape the land.

Write a poem about nature

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Fairness – Where Can You Find It?

Most parents, teachers and bosses I know try to be fair.  Most games have rules that promote fairness.  However, most people learn that not everything in life is fair.

Name some things or situations in life that don't follow the rules of fairness.

5 Everyday Facts About Life That Are Unfair (Which We Need to Accept)

How to Teach Your Children Life Isn’t Fair


Hey, you put more quarters in your stack than mine. That's not fair!

Better Behaved Children and Teaching Consequences

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