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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Geography – Cardinal Directions

From where you are sitting, do you know which way is North?  Who is sitting to the West of your chair?

Identify North, South, East and West in your home.  Now take turns naming the location of something you can see using cardinal directions.


The kitchen is to the east of us.

Play An Eye-Spy Directions Game

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Fun With Language

Self Growth – Gaining Perspective

Everyone has something about themselves that they would like to change.  Think about something important you would like to change.  Now pretend that it is not your goal, but that of a friend.

What advice would you give your friend?  What advice would the other people around you give this friend?

What Would You Change About Yourself? Kids’ Answers vs. Adults’. {Video}

Boy With Ball

I wish I could dunk on the big hoop.

Get out and shoot some hoops

Alex's Mystery Picture

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