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Share Your Knowledge – Batteries

We use batteries in many different ways.  How many uses for batteries can you name?  How do batteries work?  How does the widespread use of batteries affect the earth?

Battery (electricity) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

New power cell works for nearly 20 years

Bacteria used to power fuel cell - UPI.com

Life at the jolt: New insights into fuel cell that uses bacteria to generate electricity

Make a battery at home

How do batteries work?

Make a battery at home

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Play A Math Game – Double, Triple, Halve, Combine

Player one chooses a number and then doubles that number.

  • 33 doubled is 66

Player two takes the number that resulted from the doubling and triples it.

  • 66 tripled is 198

Player three divides the result of the tripling in half.

  • 198 divided by 2 is 99

Player four combines the digits of the new number.

  • 9 + 9 = 18

Player five starts over again by doubling the new number.

  • 18 doubled is 36
  • 36 tripled is 108
  • 108 divided by 2 is 54
  • 5 + 4 = 9

How far can you go?  Does the cycle ever result in a number that makes it impossible to continue?

Make and play math game

Keep your brain sharp!

Make and play math game

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