What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Quality Time

Fun, Educational Activities For Parents and Children - The times spent with your family and the people you love are precious and irreplaceable. Make tonight a special memory and learn something together!

Quality Time as a Family

Make And Play – Number Matching Game

On a piece of paper write down the numbers from one to ten.  Next assign each number a special relationship (Our list might start off with January as the first month for the number one, our cats Charm and Wylie, for the number two, three for the three houseplants that sit in the window, etc.)  Using index cards, create a matching game with number relationships.

On one index card write the number, on another index card illustrate the number through its special relationship.

  • The card with a number 1 on it would match a card that had a picture of a January calendar.
  • The card with a number 2 on it would match a card that had a picture of two cats.
  • The card with a number 3 on it would match a card that showed three houseplants.

Once you have created all of your pairs, shuffle the cards and lay them face down on a flat surface.  Take turns turning over two cards at a time and collecting the matching pairs.

two cats

Two represents the number of cats we have.

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