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Developing Concepts – Story Slant

You know that old saying, "There are two sides to every story", well sometimes there are more than just two. Think about how slant affects how a situation is perceived.

Mary is playing on the swings when she gets hit by a ball. She goes in to see the nurse and when she gets back Jimmy is sitting in the swing that she had been using. Since Jimmy is the one who missed the ball that hit her in the face, she thinks he wanted her to get hit so he could take her swing. Larry, who was the other player in the game of catch that resulted in Mary getting hurt, walks over and joins in the argument defending Jimmy. That brings Julie over to the group and she begins calling Larry a liar and attacking his character.

Mary's story, "We had lined up for recess and I was line leader. When we got out the doors, Jimmy started running and pushing ahead of me. Well, the line leader is supposed to get first pick at the equipment and there was only one swing left. I told Mrs. Jefferson and she agreed with me and told Jimmy that he could have first pick when he was the line leader. He was mad about that and missed that ball on purpose so it would hit me.

Jimmy's story, "It was an accident. I didn't care if Mary got the swing. Like Mrs. Jefferson said, I'll get first pick when I'm line leader."

Larry's story, "Nah, it wasn't Jimmy's fault that Mary got hit by that ball. I just threw that thing so hard, no one could have caught it."

Julie's story, "I think it was Larry who hit Mary on purpose. I was watching Jimmy and Larry play ball and Larry kept on throwing the ball too hard making Jimmy back up closer and closer to the swings."

Here is the slant:

Mary is a shy and nervous child. She cries easily and often calls on Mrs. Jefferson to help her solve conflicts.

Jimmy is big for his age. He has underdeveloped coordination and is self-conscious about being considered clumsy.

Larry thinks Mary is pretty and wants her to notice him. He was throwing the ball closer to her for that reason.

Julie is mad at Larry over something that happened earlier in the day.

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Riddle Me This – Pets

Take turns creating riddles for each other to guess an animal that people keep as pets.  Younger children can be allowed to simply use a word list for their riddle.  Purrs, fluffy, claws could lead the other players to guess cat.  Older players should be encouraged to put rhymes and rhythms into their riddles.

Ferocious hunter to creatures small.
Sleeps in my lap curled up in a ball.

Cat Siblings

The two fluffy balls purred in rhythm.

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