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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Developing Thinking Patterns – Analogy Patterns

Make up analogy riddles for each other that follow a certain rule.  For my example, I have used size comparison.

  • Lake is to pond as river is to _____.
  • Hummingbird is to eagle as housecat is to _____.
  • 4/5 is to 3/5 as 8/10 is to _____.


as river is to....

Map the rivers of the World

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Questions And Questions

Creativity Stretcher – Make It Worse, Make It Better

What would be worse than waiting at the bus stop in the rain?

  • Waiting at the bus stop in the rain with no umbrella alongside an unfriendly person who doesn’t share his or her umbrella with me.

What would be better?

  • Waiting at the bus stop in the rain wearing my new rubber boots.

Make up more of your own.

Bring An Umbrella

I'm glad I brought my umbrella today.

Resolving Conflict

Alex's Mystery Picture

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