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Dealing With Conflict – Powerful People

We all have people in our lives who have more power than we do. Situations of conflict with these powerful people can be difficult and frustrating.

The temper tantrum that results when a toddler doesn't get his or her way is a very clear example of conflict against a person with more power. The screams and tears are the only weapons that the child has against the greater power of the adult.

Who are the powerful people in the lives of the members of your family? What type of power do these people possess? How do they use their power? How can you handle conflict with people who have more power?

We will always encounter powerful people, they may use this power benevolently or they may simply be bullies. Developing conflict resolution skills can help in either situation.

Solving Problems Using Conflict Resolution Skills

powerful people

Some people have more power than you.

Different responses to conflict

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Play A Game – Eye-Spy Math Discoveries

Take turns looking around the room and finding math relationships.

For example, the clock on the wall could represent fractions if you divided it into sections at each number.

The clock could also represent a word problem about time. How long has it been since school got out?

Anything goes as long as it can tie into mathematics. Be creative and have fun!


I spy 10 minutes before the number of cats we have.

Make and play a game of number relationships

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