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What's For Dinner?
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Practicing Patience – De-Stress

We live in an instant world in many circumstances.  Elevators and escalators whisk us along, the internet puts information at our fingertips in an instant, jets have condensed what was once years of travel into hours.

Nevertheless, sometimes we have to wait.  And if you are like me, it can be aggravating!

Why practice patience?  It is better for your health, for one thing.  For another, it is an important measure of emotional intelligence and maturity.

How can patience be developed?  Whenever you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel impatient, find a small detail that is interesting or humorous to serve as a distraction.

Take turns naming bothersome situations and distractions that you can use to keep your cool and sense of humor.


Take a minute to breathe deeply.

Learn some relaxation breathing techniques.

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Play A Game – Analogy Puzzles

Build vocabulary and critical thinking skills by challenging each other with analogy puzzles.  An analogy is a comparison of one thing to another and then making a second comparison that uses the same rule as the first. 

For example:  Bird is to wing as squirrel is to BLANK.  The comparison is between animals and upper limbs.  Therefore, the answer would be leg.

Have fun making up your own.

Focus daily on building your vocabulary.

How To Expand Your Vocabulary (6 Effective and Fun Ways)

raised arm

Bird is to wing as person is to arm,

More analogy fun

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