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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Fun With Categorizing – Imaginary Collection

People who collect coins or stamps need a place to keep their collections.  An imaginary collection doesn't require any space.  So get started!

Decide what you are going to collect.

  • Round things
  • Things that weigh over 100 pounds
  • Blue things
  • Things with wheels
  • Your own ideas

Next start naming things that will fit your category and fill your collection.  Others can make suggestions that the collector can accept or reject.

things that fly

My collection will be flying things, airplanes, bats, eagles, helium balloons...

A Colorful Collection

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How many different colors have you seen in the sky?

Surprising Reactions – Inappropriate Responses

Have you ever found yourself laughing when you knew the situation wasn't funny at all?  Maybe you have experienced a feeling of calmness in an emergency situation.  Have you ever cried when you were really and truly happy?

Sometimes our reactions don't always seem to fit the situation.  That is just part of being human.  Share your stories of surprising responses.

Get some tips on how to stop yourself from laughing at the wrong time.

How to Stop Yourself From Inappropriately Laughing in Any Situation

don't laugh

I really shouldn't be laughing, it isn't funny.

Different situations sometimes require different behavior

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