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Learning Wisdom – Three Methods

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.
-- Confucius, Chinese philosopher

Can you give examples of learning wisdom using the three methods from the quote above?

Reflective learning happens after an experience when we consider lessons learned that can be applied to future situations.

  • I really liked working with clay and making figures come to life with my hands. I'll make a claymation video as my class project.
  • She is sensitive about that subject, I'll not bring it up again.

Imitation involves following an example.

  • This math problem has different numbers, but it is solved the same way as the one our teacher worked out on the board.
  • My fingers striking these keys play out the tune represented by these musical notes.

Learning from experience is what is often called the school of hard knocks.

  • Spending all my money on candy means that now I can't afford to go to the movies with my friends.
  • Ouch, I got a splinter. I'm going to do a little more sanding on this birdhouse before I paint it.

I can be responsible

I've seen my mommy do this.

A Great Room for Children And Parents

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Mental Math

Play A Number Game – What Comes In...?

Take turns challenging the others to name items that are typically grouped in a particular number set.  For example, if one player challenged, "What comes in 2's?"  Some answers might be:

  • thumbs
  • bicycle tires
  • jokers in a deck of cards

Each player can choose any number, but must have at least one answer of his or her own that would fit the category.  (You can't ask, "What comes in 37's?" if you don't know anything that is composed of a set of 37.)

Two Thumbs

Thumbs come in twos.

Rhyme Time Scavenger Hunt

Alex's Mystery Picture

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Alex's Mystery Picture?

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