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Article – The Toy Room: A Great Room for Children And Parents

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The Toy Room

The Toy Room: A Great Room for Children And Parents

–by Misti Norusis

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Every child needs a special, magical place: a corner of the world (or at least the house) where he can escape, have fun, and rule his tiny kingdom. And this place is the toy room.

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Why You Need a Toy Room

There are many benefits to having a designated Toy Room in the house. The first, and perhaps the most convincing argument, is that the sense of ownership—"this is my space, with my things"—helps develop a child’s security and self esteem. Just put yourself in your child’s shoes. He’s smaller than everyone else, the grown ups set the rules, and the world seems like such a big place with scary and unfamiliar things and experiences. But the toy room becomes his sanctuary. He is surrounded by everything he loves, and has complete control over what happens within the walls of the toy room. Does he play with the blocks or the ball? Will he read a book or paint? Nobody can tell him what to do. Child psychologists also believe that a toy room can help him become more independent, since it encourages him to make small but simple decisions without mom and dad hovering over his shoulder.

For parents, the toy room is an enclosed, designated area where they can leave the child and not worry about his safety. This leaves them free to attend to chores or get a precious half hour of "me time".

How to Set up a Toy Room

Toy Room Furniture

Other optional toy room furniture are tents (for hide and seek play), sleeping mats (for nap times and sleep overs), and clothes racks for jackets.

The Toy Room - Page 2

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