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Play A Word Game – Chain Of Opposites

Player one starts by naming a word. Player two must come up with a word that has an opposite meaning to the word player one named. Player three then names a word opposite to the second word, and so on until someone is stumped. Using homophones can make this game very interesting. Here is an example:

Hot – Cold – Flu – Walked – Ran – Ended

Hot went to cold as opposites in temperature. Cold went to flu because they are different ailments. Flu became flew and the opposite was walked. Ran is the opposite of walked when referring to speed of locomotion. Ended can express an opposite relationship to ran when referring to an ad placement.

stage play

Opened is the opposite of ended. The curtain rose as the play opened and fell as it ended. What comes after opened in your chain?

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Building Self-Esteem – Chores

Successfully fulfilling a responsibility is a great builder of self-esteem. Regular chores help us to understand the importance of people working together. The satisfaction of doing a job well combined with appropriate praise will reinforce the good habits and an elevated lifestyle will result for everyone!

Discuss appropriate chores for the members of your family. How often will they be performed?

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I can be responsible

I like having chores and helping around the house.

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