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Persuasion – Applying Deductive Reasoning

Persuading someone to do something is much easier if that person is motivated to complete the task or grant the favor.  You have probably noticed that people are much more motivated to do something if the decision is their own idea.  That is where the deductive reasoning comes in.

Deductive reasoning is the process of drawing conclusions based on facts already known.  Consider the facts, apply deductive reasoning, draw a conclusion, make a decision.

Doing homework early is a good idea tonight because there is a movie on later that I want to watch.

  • Fact - I have homework to do
  • Deductive Reasoning - My parents won't let me watch television if I still have homework to do.
  • Conclusion and Decision - Now is a good time to do homework.

So how does this relate to persuasion?  In this situation, a parent could ask a question that would trigger the deductive reasoning process without nagging.

What time does that movie come on that you said you wanted to watch?


Oh, you still have plenty of time to get your homework done before then.  I'll finish my project here and we can watch it together.

Back to our deductive reasoning:

Doing homework early is a good idea tonight because there is a movie on later that I want to watch.

Apply deductive reasoning to some other situations of persuasion.

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  • Who can touch their tongue to their nose?
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  • Who can remember the dream they had last night?
  • Have fun making up your own questions.


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