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Smart Consumer – Children And Advertising

Does seeing your favorite celebrity using a product make want to try that brand?  Does the possibility of getting a toy of your favorite movie character influence your decision when choosing a restaurant?  Does seeing a certain logo over and over make it more likely that you will automatically reach for that brand when shopping?

More and more advertising is aimed toward children.  Be sure that your consumer choices are based on more than just advertising.

MediaWise - Facts and Tips

I want that stuff

Can we get this stuff on the ad next time we go shopping?

Advertising slogan quizzes

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Geography – Map Symbols

I remember a discovery moment from my childhood when I realized that a little airplane was drawn on maps to show the location of an airport.  I spent hours looking at different maps finding all the airports and other points of interest.

What other symbols are used on maps?

Map Key

Map symbols

Maps have special symbols.

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