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What's For Dinner?
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Working Through Disagreements – Adopt A Civility Code

Today's media, more often than not, portrays conflict as "in your face" and "no holds barred". But is that the atmosphere that you want in your home?

Conflict is inevitable. Anger and hurt feelings don't have to be the result. An agreement from everyone to remain civil during conflict can keep your home from becoming a reality show nightmare!

What is Civility?

Agree To Get Along

Lets agree to get along

Get Some Good Advice

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Play A Word Game – Verbs

Challenge each other to guess the verb by naming nouns that would act out that verb. For example if the verb you would like others to guess is gallop, you would say "horse", "antelope", "gazelle". If the verb you would like others to guess is smell, you would say "nose", "garbage can", "perfume".

If you would like to keep score, the player who is giving clues can receive one point for each clue until the others guess. Be sure to challenge clues that don’t fit the category.


Here he comes galloping by

Play Animal Locomotion

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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