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What's For Dinner?
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Play A Game – Animal Locomotion

Play a round robin game. The first person names an animal and the way that it moves. Then the same player names a second animal, but gives the wrong answer for the way that it moves. The next player must say the name of the animal that really belongs to the previous movement, and then give another incorrect response.

  • Player One: Cows poke along, but dogs lumber.
  • Player Two: Elephants lumber, but pigs gallop.
  • Player Three: Horses gallop, but cats crawl.

Play a matching game:

Match Animals with Their Way of Moving

Brown Cow

Don't rush me.

More Locomotion

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What is the difference between wants and needs?

Living In A Society – Producers And Consumers

The hair stylist is the producer, he or she produces the service of cutting and styling hair. The person who needs a hair cut is the consumer.

Explore other relationships in our society where producers and consumers depend on one another.

Challenge more advanced learners with more complicated relationships. Who are the producers and consumers in regards to government, space exploration, stock exchange, etc.?

We are Consumers and Producers


I am happy to pay for a really good hair cut.

Share your knowledge of Automobiles

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