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Make A List – Anonymous Acts Of Kindness

Have you ever rushed out to put another coin in the parking meter, only to find that some kind person had put one in for you?  Have you ever been the person who extended that kindness?

Make a list of anonymous acts of kindness that a person could extend if the situation arose.  Replacing merchandise that has fallen on the floor in a store to the shelves or racks would be an example.  (Please don't put produce or meat that has landed on the floor back with the others, notify a store employee instead.)

Parking Meter

Have you ever dropped a coin in a meter for a stranger?

Feel Good!

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Learning Wisdom

Critical Thinking – Causes Of A Problem

When most people hear the word "problem" they immediately begin thinking of solutions.  This time, however, look at the causes of a problem instead of considering solutions. 

I will use poor air quality as an example.  My hometown is located in a valley and we often experience an inversion layer that traps air pollutants.  Combine that with a busy freeway running directly through the valley and the air quality quickly becomes less than perfect.  There are many more contributing factors, but I won't list them all in case you choose to use air quality as your problem to examine.

Other possible topics could be :

  • homelessness
  • bullying
  • inflation
  • household messes
  • tight budget

What ideas do you have?

What a Mess

What caused this mess?

Curse Or Blessing

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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