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Sentence Challenge – Nouns and Adverbs

Designate one person to silently think of a noun (stream, for example).  Another person silently thinks of a adverb (distractedly, perhaps).  A third person will be challenged to create a sentence that uses the noun and adverb supplied by the other players.

  • I ambled along distractedly, absorbed in my thoughts, completely missing the beauty of the glistening stream flowing beside the trail.
  • (hurricane, sweetly) "Not even a hurricane could get me to leave my house before I've done my hair and makeup," the woman batted her false eyelashes and smiled sweetly.
  • (popsicle, pedicure) Your pedicure makes your toes look like ten tiny popsicles.

Then rotate the play so that different people supply nouns and adverbs for a different player's creative sentence.  If only two people are playing, the sentence builder will name a noun and then the other player will supply the pre-determined adverb.

Amble Alongside the Stream

I gazed intensely at the tumbling waterfall letting it hypnotize me with its beauty..

Parallel Sentences

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What If? – Unbounded Answers

Start with one person posing an unlikely question (children are usually very good at this).

  • What if leaves fell up in Autumn instead of down.

Now take turns coming up with creative and unusual answers.

  • They used to do that.  Now we call them stars.
  • The sun would burn them up and we could roast marshmallows in the sky.
  • An alternate universe would be formed where people walk upside down.
  • They would gather in the clouds and come down during rainstorms.

Shower of Golden Leaves

What if leaves fell up?

Painting Pictures with Language

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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