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What's For Dinner?
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Creativity – Travel Brochure To A Distant Planet

Choose a planet, comet or moon from our solar system and create an imaginary travel brochure that would encourage vacationers to visit. 

It's a lesson in creativity so rules of Science do not need to apply.  If you want to encourage visitors to stay on Pluto and promise them autographs of Mickey Mouse's dog, that's okay!

NASA Kids' Club

travel to a distant planet

You'll just love it on Mars and come home with a wonderful tan!

Amazing Space

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Play A Memory Game – Grocery Basket

  • Player One – I went grocery shopping and put a cantaloupe in my grocery basket.
  • Player Two - I went grocery shopping and put a cantaloupe and a bunch of bananas in my grocery basket.
  • Player Three – I went grocery shopping and put a cantaloupe, a bunch of bananas and a box of cereal in my grocery basket.

Who will forget?

grocery basket

What will you put into the grocery basket?

Memory Games for Children

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