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Solitude – Where Do You Find It?

I was one of six children growing up.  There was always someone around.  That was great when I was in the mood to play a game.  But if I was craving solitude, it was hard to get away sometimes.

Fortunately, we lived in the country and I was able to wander the woodsy area behind our house.  Some people have an extremely difficult time finding a place to be alone.

Where do you go?

The Virtues of Isolation


I like to get out in nature to find peace and quiet.

The Power of Meditation

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Play A Game – Letter Riddles

Player One chooses of a letter of the alphabet and then describes two words that start with that letter.

“I am the first letter of one of the five senses and also a type of canned fish.  What letter am I?”  (Possible answers could be the letter T for taste or touch and tuna, or S for smell or sight and salmon.)

Other players try to guess the letter.  If no correct guesses are made, player one is required to name additional words.  Play can rotate, or you can assign the task of posing the next riddle to the person who guessed the previous riddle.

To make the game easier, name items that are within all players’ field of vision. Look at the items you are naming to make it even easier.

This game develops the skill of describing.  It is great for enhancing creativity!

Word Puzzle

Can you solve my letter puzzle?

How to write jokes and riddles

Alex's Mystery Picture

Can you solve
Alex's Mystery Picture?

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