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White Lies – Tact Or Sneakiness?

A lie can be considered a white lie if telling the falsehood doesn't hurt another person.  Although people of high character consider dishonesty to be wrong, many people would agree that a lie told to avoid hurting someone is sometimes appropriate.

If your grandmother knits you a bright green and purple sweater with dancing bunnies on it, you are probably going to tell her that you love it no matter how hideous you really think it is.  That is tact.

If you throw away the spinach salad and have a cheeseburger for lunch, telling the person who made the salad for you that it was delicious isn't tact.  That is sneaky.

What is the difference?  Name other situations when telling a white lie might be considered tact and times when it is just plain sneaky.

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Play A Word Chain Game – Adjectives

The first player names an adjective.

  • beautiful

Player two must name another adjective that is similar in meaning.

  • pretty

Player three continues the chain by naming another adjective that is similar in meaning to the adjective named by player two.  The fun, however, comes from using a different meaning of the previous word whenever possible.

  • almost

(Pretty used in this case as, pretty good but not spectacular.)  Player four could then say:

  • over

(The ball was over the strike zone even though it was almost inside.)

Be prepared to explain you word choices to the other players.


Freddy's hair looked pretty, as he ran pretty fast.

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