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Science Concepts – Wind Chill Factor

If you have ever been chilled to the bone it was probably on a windy winter day.  What makes windy days seem so much colder in spite of the fact that the thermometer doesn't indicate a drop in temperature?  Scientists call it the wind chill factor.

Weather -- Wind Chill

Wind Chill Chart

Can you think of a time when the wind on a cold day made you feel even colder?


Wind chill makes it feel even colder

Build a wind gauge

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Make A List – Floats Or Flies

Brainstorm to build a list of as many things you can think of that either float in the air or fly.  (You can consider all birds to be one item on your list -- make a list of birds another day.)

Buoyancy | How Things Fly


Floating gently to earth

Make a parachute

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Alex's Mystery Picture?

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