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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Heat And Light – How Do You See The Sun?

On a crisp autumn day, the sun is a good old friend full of warmth and good cheer.  But on a sultry summer day, it is a vile enemy from whom I try to hide.

Ancient people considered the sun to be a god.  Scientists break it down into elements of heat and light.

How do you see the sun?

Happy Sun

Our good friend, the sun.

Power From The Sun

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Think About It – Changing Colors

Not everything in this world starts out as one color and stays the same color forever.  A green banana becomes yellow when it is ripe.  Instead of the sparkly silver my hair is today, once it was reddish-brown. 

Name more things that change color.

Colorful Hair

My hair changes color.

Color Chain

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