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What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Simpler Times – The Code Of The Cowboy

  1. The cowboy must never shoot first, hit a smaller man or take unfair advantage.
  2. He must never go back on his word or a trust confided in him.
  3. He must always tell the truth.
  4. He must be gentle with children, the elderly and animals.
  5. He must not advocate or possess racially or religiously intolerant ideas.
  6. He must help people in distress.
  7. He must be a good worker.
  8. He must keep himself clean in thought, speech, action and personal habits.
  9. He must respect women, parents and his nation`s laws.
  10. The cowboy is a patriot.

Not much is needed to adapt this for life in today's world, don't you agree? (Replacing the masculine references with he or she would be the first step, of course.)


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Play A Game – Absurdities

Let's start with an example.

Player One: If you saw a submarine in the desert, what would you do?

Player Two: I would throw snowballs at it.

Here are the rules. Player one poses a question that is in actuality an impossibility. Player two responds with an answer that is equally unlikely.


You wouldn't find a submarine in the desert!

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