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What A Great Invention – Glass

Glass has been around for centuries, and yes, some things that used to be made of glass are now made of synthetics (prescription eye glasses, for example). But think about the many ways glass has made life better.

Just to get you started, the glass in windows allows light to enter our homes, but still protects us from the environment.

Different Types of Glass

Play a 20 questions game about items that are made of glass. Can the others guess your glass items asking only yes or no questions?

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Play A Game – Name That Product

We often use brand names to identify products that we use everyday.

For example, when I blow my nose I reach for what I call a Kleenex even when it is a store brand I'm pulling out of the box. I know that I'm actually using a facial tissue.

Take turns naming products that we identify with brand names and challenging the other players to name the item without using the brand identification.

Take a product slogan quiz

Do you call all tissues by the product name of Kleenex?

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