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Animal Adaptations – Specialization, Bird Beaks

Every bird has a beak, but each bird beak is a unique and highly specialized tool for survival. The strong boring beak of a woodpecker is very different from the delicate dipping beak of a hummingbird.

What else do the members of your family know about the special functions performed by different bird beaks?

Here are some sites that will give you more information.

Project Beak: Adaptations: Beaks

15 birds with unbelievable beaks

bird beaks

My beak is perfect for pecking at the seeds people toss me in the park.

Birds also have very interesting feet

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Communication – Sounds And Gestures

My husband and I were walking in the woods the other morning and we saw a weed that had been pulled up by the roots and left lying in the trail. I said to my husband, "I wonder why they didn't…" and then I made a sound with my teeth and my lower lip that sounded something like "ffftttt" and flung my right hand out to the side. My husband understood perfectly that I was wondering why the person who pulled up the weed didn't toss it off to the side of the trail.

How many other times are we able to communicate with one another with sounds that aren't words at all?

non-verbal communication

Communication involves more than words alone.

Non-verbal communication

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