What's For Dinner?

What's For Dinner?
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Table Topics

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Please Pass The – Charades

As your meal begins and everyone's plate gets everything on it to make it's owner happy, have five or more minutes of complete silence. Now then, even though this time will be devoid of sound, it will not be lacking in communication. Use eye contact, head and hand gestures to communicate your needs to the others at your table.

The rules should be clear about everyone remaining in their seats and good manners should prevail as much as possible. Does anyone know how to say please and thank you in sign language?


table charades

I'm waving my cookie in the air hoping you will understand my signal that I want another one.

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Poetry – Song Lyrics

Have an open discussion on song lyrics. What are some songs that stick in your head? What are the lyrics to your favorite song? Name some songs that have especially meaningful lyrics.

Songs with lyrics combine poetry and melody. What a great combination!

Song Lyrics for Children.

Songs that teach grammar

The poetry of song.

Songs that teach grammar

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