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Play A Word Game – I Own A Store

Play a game. One person starts by saying I own a (blank) store. In it I have something that starts with the letter (a-z). Others take turns asking the store owner questions about the mystery object that can be answered with a yes or no answer. The person who correctly names the object becomes the new store owner.

For example, if the store owner wanted the others to try and guess the word marshmallow, the play would go something like this:

"I own a grocery store. In it I have something that starts with the letter 'm'."

"Is it a fruit?" "No."

"Is it meat?" "No."

"Is it hard?" "No."

"Is it sweet?" "Yes."

Before beginning the game determine whether or not you will have a limit on how many questions can be asked before the players guessing are declared stumped (as in 20 questions). The game can be adapted to the different interests and skill-levels of the different players by means of the type of store that is chosen and the familiarity the players are with the secret item.

Open a pretend store

Can you guess what I have for sale in my store?

How Many Can You Name?

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Once upon a time….. If we were to continue telling this story, what would be the chances that there would be a castle in the story? How many Fairy Tales can you name that include castles? How many can you name that don't include castles?

Have you ever been to a genuine castle?

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