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Play A Game – Synonyms

Player one starts by saying any word that comes to mind.  The remaining players must name a synonym for the first word.

To adapt this game to differing skill levels you may allow younger players to blur the lines regarding parts of speech.  For example, if the original word was sweet a beginning player could say the word sugar and still be correct, but a more advanced player must say sugary!  (Sweet and sugary are both adjectives while sugar is a noun.)

Want to keep score?  Give each person who correctly names a synonym a point.  Also, give the person who named the original word a point for each correctly named synonym given by the other players.  This gives an advantage to players who can name words that have many, many different synonyms.

Online games for learning synonyms

Is syrup a synonym of sugar?

Online games for learning synonyms

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Make A List – Same Name Different City

If you live on the west coast of the United States and mention Portland, you are probably referring to Portland, Oregon.  But in the east, Portland Maine would be more likely. 

How many city names can you list that exist in more than one state, province, or country?

Try this challenging Same Name Cities quiz:

Can You Name the Cities with the Same Names?

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Same name, different town

Play a city chain game

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