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Conversation Game – Say My Word

This game needs to be prepared in advance.  Make a list of common words that would be unlikely to come up in a general conversation.  Some ideas could be:

  • umbrella
  • maintain
  • traffic
  • lovely
  • consequence
  • upset

Cut slips of paper and write the words on the paper slips.  Make enough for everyone in your group plus several extras.  Fold the slips of paper and place them in a bowl.

Each person draws out a slip of paper and silently reads his or her secret word.  While making conversation, each player is attempting to get the others to say his or her secret word.  The word must, however, come out naturally. 

For example, if your word was umbrella, you could not say:

  • What do you call that thing that you open up and stand under during a rainstorm?

But you could say,

  • I got soaked on Monday when I had to run through the rain to get to my car.

in the hopes that someone would say,

  • Why didn't you have your umbrella?

If someone's word in guessed early in the game, he or she should draw another from the bowl.  As dinner comes to an end, each person can then start offering clues, such as the first umbrella example, so that all the secret words will be revealed.

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That was my word! You said it!

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