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Play A Geography Game – Continent Chain

Player one starts by naming a continent and a feature of that continent.

  • North America has a desert, Death Valley.

Player two must name another continent that has a similar feature.  And then name another feature of the second continent.

  • Africa has a desert, too, The Gobi Dessert.  Africa has jungles.

Player three must try to match the second feature with a new continent.

  • South America also has jungles.  South America has  a long mountain range, The Andes.

Keep playing until someone gets stumped.  You don't need to limit your comparisons to land formations.  You can include things like languages, national products, etc.

Geography Game

Find similar features of the different continents in this geography chain game.

Geography Games And Challenges

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Sharing Kindness

Generosity – The Cookie Thief

I've come across this poem more than once during my research for topics on character growth.  Each time I read it, I am impressed on how easily I could have been this woman who thought she was sharing her bag of cookies with a brazen stranger.  But then you should read the poem.

Poem: The Cookie Thief

What would you have done in this situation?


After all, cookies were meant to be shared.

One Character Trait

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