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Play A Word Game – Category Chain

Player One starts by naming an object and then naming a category into which that object fits. Player One then names a second category under which the same object can be classified.

Player Two names a second object that can fit into the last category named by Player One and then a new category for this object.

Continue building the category chain.


Water is a liquid, but it is also clear.

My drinking glass is clear, but it is also a cylinder.

A stovepipe is a cylinder, but it is also part of a house.

A cylindrical glass of clear liquid water

A cylindrical glass of clear liquid water

A cylindrical glass of clear liquid water

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Language – Creating Mental Pictures

Make up a sentence that describes a situation. Use this example if you wish.

* The fireworks were awesome.

Now challenge each other to describe the thought using words that draw on your senses to create a more complete mental picture. Think of what you might feel, taste, see, hear, or smell.

* The boom of the exploding fireworks shook the ground.
* The vibrant colors lit up the sky.


The dazzle and sparkle gave me goosebumps

Describing textures

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