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What's For Dinner?
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Math Skills – Money Denominations

Name an amount of money, $1.23 for example.  Now determine how many different ways you could have that amount of money using different denominations of money.

Of course you could have a one-dollar bill, two dimes and three pennies.  But you could also have four quarters, four nickels and three pennies.

Jar of Coins

Practice Money Skills

Money Skill Games

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Play A Game – Alphabetic Sentences

Take turns making up sentences that use successive letters of the alphabet. You can start with any letter for your first word, but the following words must be the next letters of the alphabet.

  • Goats have interesting jaws.
  • Potatoes quickly rot sitting there unrefrigerated.

What is the longest sentence anyone can make?

Goats Have Interesting Jaws

Goats have interesting jaws!

Use food to teach your child the alphabet

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